No. 2 | Outer Space

No. 2

Bilingual fun reads for young and old alike all about OUTER SPACE

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Even little children have important questions to ask about the solar system, including: Where is Earth positioned in the universe? How far away is the Moon from Earth? Is there life on other planets? 

In the story Linus and the voyage to space, Lin and Linus have an incredible time at the planetarium and are even lucky enough to see a real shooting star for themselves. Paul, the astronaut is a story all about how things can be happier and livelier in the shade than in the sun. Meanwhile, in Oli + Grant, Grant’s dream comes true: He gets close enough to the stars to touch them – albeit only as the result of a slight mishap. Readers can make a mesmerising mobile of their own featuring the Sun and nine other celestial bodies in our solar system by following the instructions on the Activity page.

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Issue No. 2 is available in seven language combinations in our shop.

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