No. 5 | Boredom

No. 5

Bilingual fun reads for young and old alike all about BOREDOM

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All children get bored every now and then. Papperlapapp #5 reveals how the dreaded feeling of boredom can even turn out to be a positive force, encouraging full relaxation or inspiring fresh ideas and creativity.

In King Rolypoly and the hole in the sock, boredom soon disappears when His Majesty finds himself having to reach for needle and thread. “I am bored”, says the giant is a story filled with wordplay and subtle humour, showing how even the simplest of games can combat boredom and even be great fun. Our Activity page in this issue has lots of highly effective tips and tricks to help fight off boredom. And Oli + Grant start off feeling bored but they too do a great job of amusing themselves in the end.

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