No. 7 | Magic

No. 7

Bilingual fun reads for young and old alike all about MAGIC

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Who doesn’t wish they could do a bit of magic at least every now and then? But it’s just not that easy… Or is it?Papperlapapp No. 7 explores the topic in both a fun and philosophical way. 

In Abracadabra, the little rabbit tries hard to pronounce his master’s magic spell correctly. He gets there in the end and manages to outdo his master as well as the witch and the fairy. Things are a little different in the fairy tale The magic mouth. A wood chopper’s breath reminds us that we have many a trick up our own sleeves without even realising it. The Brainteasers then revisit this lovely idea. Our comic strip characters Oli + Grant  finally discover the unique magic show that nature puts on for us every single day: sunrise. That is, of course, providing that the weather is kind to us!

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Issue No. 7 is available in nine language combinations in our shop.

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