No. 8 | Cooking

No. 8

Bilingual fun reads for young and old alike all about COOKING

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Cooking is a wonderful activity – the simplest ingredients can often be transformed into delicious culinary creations. And there’s no need to worry if a recipe doesn’t quite go to plan. All it takes is a bit of imagination and you can whip up a different dish altogether.

Children love cooking, as it gets all their senses working and keeps boredom at bay. This is certainly the case in Pizza for everyone!. And cooking can be a fantastic alternative in this era of excessive media consumption, as we can see in the story called The Emperor’s new pancake. Little chefs are usually extremely happy and proud when the food they have prepared is a success. Then when they start cooking for other people, they also get the amazing feeling that comes with being able to show people how much they mean to them through food. Papperlapapp No. 8 focuses on all of these wonderful aspects of cooking.

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