No. 11 | Dinosaurs

No. 11

Bilingual fun reads for young and old alike all about DINOSAURS

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Papperlapapp No. 11 follows in the footsteps of the dinosaurs. We know everything we know about these creatures that disappeared from the face of the Earth 66 million years ago thanks to fossils. These precious discoveries are preserved, studied and exhibited in museums like the Natural History Museum in Vienna. But what happens in the museum when night falls? 

The story Mina in the museum has the answer! Every night, once the sun has set, the Struthiosaurus austriacus climbs out of his glass case and heads off to pay his friend, the Allosaurus, a visit. But one night he comes across Mina, a little dinosaur researcher in the making. She is at the museum for a night of adventure and is meant to be having a sleepover in the dinosaur room. Instead, she joins Struthi for an exciting stroll through the time-honoured building with all of the wonderful creatures it houses. The feature called Crocodile birds showcases 26 artistic drawings of dinosaurs in alphabetical order from A all the way to Z. The Brainteasers call upon readers to consider ideas for what they could possibly do with a pet dinosaur. And simple instructions for making a little Supersaurus can be found on the Activity page.

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