No. 15 | Music

No. 15

Bilingual fun reads for young and old alike all about MUSIC

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It’s true what they say – music is the soundtrack of our lives. Even very little babies and young children make all sorts of noises. They gurgle and cry, clap and tap. Papperlapapp Nr. 15 encourages kids to sing, make music of their own, listen to tunes and explore the sounds made during our day-to-day lives, in nature and by our own bodies.

In the story called A concert at midnight, Mona and Kira use simple objects they find in the garden to create a range of instruments, which they then use to make music as a way of overcoming their fear of monsters in the dark. In A kiss for the Empress, six-year-old W. A. Mozart recalls the concert he put on at Schönbrunn Palace in 1762, which ended – to the surprise of everyone there – with a spontaneous kiss being planted on Empress Maria Theresa’s cheek. A QR-Code at the end of the story is linked to ‘Das Butterbrot’ (Köchel Directory 6 A 284n C.27.09), a piano piece that features in our story. The characters in our comic, Oli + Grant, enjoy nature’s last concert of the year before the songbirds head south for the winter. The  ‘activity page’ shows how to make a guitar in a few simple steps using minimal equipment. Page 38  features tips that will help children to create rhythms and sounds using their own bodies.

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