No. 18 | Insects

No. 18 | Insects

Bilingual fun reads for young and old alike all about INSECTS

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Insects are the most useful animals in the world and immensely important for our ecosystem. This is the reason a whole issue of Papperlapapp is devoted to them.

In the story entitled The world’s smallest pet we listen to a conversation between four friends: a bee, a butterfly, an ant and a spider – each of them explains how they are useful for the environment and ultimately people. Unfortunately the louse is unable to understand this usefulness or demonstrate that it itself is useful in any way. So the louse turns it around! It wishes it had a human who is useful for it and in whose fluffy hair it could make itself comfortable. Rather than being disgusting, this is a very amusing change of perspective. Small fact boxes enrich the story with knowledge about the world of insects and explain things like why spiders are not insects.
Using the example of a housefly, our insect ABC illustrates the body of a traditional six-legged insect and presents 26 more insects with German names from A to Z that we may come across in our latitudes, but also a couple more exotic ones. Anyone who wishes to decorate their room with an insect mobile can use the activity page for this. Our Oli + Grant comic focuses on the butterfly effect. Page 38 shows – literally – the weight of insects.

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