No. 19 | Electricity

No. 19 | Electricity

Bilingual fun reads for young and old alike all about ELECTRICITY

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In the story “Dark”, written by Tanja Fabsits and illustrated by Lili Richter, Julia realises how indispensable electricity is when one evening the power suddenly goes off. The lights go out, the TV and CD player can’t be used, the mobile phone can’t be charged, the washing machine, cooker, fridge – forget it! And the pizza is in the oven … But Dad keeps his cool, making bread and butter by candlelight and adding slices of cucumber. The two of them make themselves comfortable and Dad tells Julia what things were like in the days before people had electricity. A cosy atmosphere is created, and when suddenly there is a click and the power comes back on, Julia almost regrets it. The story is enriched with explanations: what electricity actually is, what devices are operated with it, in what context it can be dangerous, and where it occurs in nature.
In the second story – “The mouse, the raven and the cook” – , written by Matthäus Bär and illustrated by Lotte Bräuning, the mouse and the raven play practical jokes on the “cook” – a person in whose household the mouse lives incognito and whose food it steals. Electricity is involved here too, of course. The hidden object picture of a street scene shows all the places where electricity is needed. Lastly, “page 39” shows species of fish that can generate electricity with their muscle cells.

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