No. 20 | Reading and writing

No. 20 | Reading and writing

Bilingual fun reads for young and old alike all about reading and writing

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In the story “Catherine has been able to do it for ages!” written bySarah Michaela Orlovský and illustrated by Kristina Heldmann, the protagonist is being hassled by her older brother who is boasting about already being able to read and write. But then she shows him and the rest of the family that she can, too, in her own way – AND has been able to do it for ages! By contrast, the “letter dragon” (written by Saskia Hula and illustrated by Christoph Abbrederis) would be quite a peaceful pet if it didn’t eat everything that was written. The fact that it gobbles up shopping lists, calendars, files of documents and cookbooks is particularly annoying. How to get it to stop? Amir knows how – and it also has to do with language …



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